Product Testing

All of our parts go through rigorous testing while in prototype phase, which results in many revisions before release to give the end consumer the best possible performance product for the money.

Real world tests using tuft tests, coast down tests, flow-vis, computer data logging, and an array of high definition video configurations; each of our parts are typically tested between 500-1000 miles of road and track before hitting the market.

Driveway Labs Type 1 Diffuser has not only been tried and tested by customers on the track but also put through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Testing.

Large GT Duct Airflow Demonstration

Driveway Labs Type 3 Diffuser Visual Flow

What this shows is beautiful flow attachment on the diffuser, and the flow between the diffuser and track surface. Those big, long lasting swirls in the water vapor show how well the diffuser is diffusing. What is commonly referred to as a "rooster tail".

Powder Coat Durability Test

Answering questions and demonstrating the durability of Driveway Labs powder coat applications.