2019-2023 Mk5 A90/A91 Supra EVS Type Aero Fenders

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2019-2023 Mk5 A90/A91 Supra EVS Type Aero Fenders

Unleash the full aerodynamic potential of your Mk5 A90/A91 Supra with our EVS Type Aero Fenders. Skillfully engineered with precision and expertise, these fenders are designed not just for aesthetics, but also for function.

Material Choices:

1. Carbon Fiber: Offering an unrivaled blend of strength and lightness, the carbon fiber version ensures optimal performance. Its sleek, glossy finish not only adds a premium look but also provides resistance against the elements. For those aiming for performance without compromise, carbon fiber is the go-to option.
2. FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics): Tailored for those who wish to paint and customize their fenders to match or contrast their vehicle’s body color. FRP provides flexibility, durability, and is cost-effective. It’s a perfect canvas for those wanting a bespoke look.

Aerodynamic Advantages:

The EVS Type Aero Fenders are more than just a cosmetic upgrade. They play a crucial role in aerodynamic performance:

• Air Extraction: Strategically designed vents help to extract and channel air from the wheel area. This reduces turbulent airflow, which in turn minimizes drag and increases stability at high speeds.
• Cooling Benefits: The venting system also aids in cooling the brakes and tires, ensuring optimal performance and longer component lifespan.

Equip your Supra with the EVS Type Aero Fenders and witness a harmonious blend of form and function. Whether you’re hitting the track or cruising the streets, these fenders will elevate your Supra’s performance and aesthetic appeal.