Freedom Magnet

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Freedom Magnet: Ultimate Concealment & Accessibility

Introducing the Freedom Magnet – a cutting-edge storage solution meticulously designed for those who value both safety and swift accessibility. Crafted with precision through 3D printing technology, this robust fixture is empowered with a high-powered magnet capable of securely holding a diverse range of items, from everyday tools like hammers to essential safety equipment like firearms.


• Versatile Holding Capacity: Whether it’s a hammer, a set of keys, or a firearm, the Freedom Magnet stands ready to support.
• Stealthy & Strategic: Its sleek design ensures items remain discreetly hidden, out of sight yet within instant reach.
• Universal Mounting: Flexible installation options, from wall anchors to rivnuts, offer endless possibilities. Perfect for under-table setups, wall placements, or even in-vehicle mounting.
• Durability Meets Innovation: Our state-of-the-art 3D printing process guarantees both longevity and performance.

With the Freedom Magnet, you no longer have to compromise between security and speed. Embrace the freedom of having your essentials exactly where you need them, always.