Mk5 Supra Mirror Delete

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Ultra-Light Mk5 Supra Side Mirror Delete: Embrace Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics

Experience an unparalleled blend of science and engineering with our Mk5 Supra Side Mirror Delete, meticulously crafted for the track aficionado. Boasting a staggering 94% reduction in weight compared to the stock mirror, each mirror delete weighs a mere 140 grams (0.30lb), significantly minimizing drag and amplifying your Supra’s performance on the tarmac.

Harness the power of refined aerodynamics, a realm where every fraction of weight and surface area count. On average, side mirrors contribute to 3% of a vehicle’s frontal area, accounting for a variable 2-7% of the total vehicle drag. This intricately designed mirror delete not only alleviates the weight but also dramatically diminishes the aerodynamic drag, the effects of which intensify as you throttle up the speedometer.

In a comprehensive study conducted by a third party, vehicles equipped with mirror deletes exhibited a substantial drag reduction of nearly 5% within the speed bracket of 80-120kph (49-74mph). Dive into the technical depths of the study here: Effect of Size and Shape of Side Mirrors on the Drag.

While we shy away from claiming mythical numbers concerning drag and downforce, the data resonates profoundly with the empirical advantages witnessed on the track. Elevate your track day experience and unravel tangible aerodynamic gains with our Mk5 Supra Side Mirror Delete.

Spread the word and share this innovation with your network on social media, and let’s propel the science of speed to the forefront. Your Mk5 Supra awaits its transformation.