Mk5 Supra Door Pull

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Introducing our robust and stylish Mk5 Supra Door Pulls, built with an exclusive in-house designed 3D printed handle cartridge. Utilizing 6,000lb strength nylon webbing and materials capable of enduring over 100lb loads, we’ve created an essential safety accessory for your 2020+ Supra that doesn’t compromise on style or durability, whether you’re on the track or the street.

Our Supra Door Pulls boast an impressive 180-degree lateral opening range and perform flawlessly even when pulled from the opposite side of the car. In rigorous testing, while the OE door handle succumbed to heat at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, our door pulls remained unscathed even at temperatures exceeding 600 degrees – surpassing the ignition point of gasoline.

With safety paramount, our door pulls could potentially provide those crucial extra seconds for escape in extreme circumstances – a feature we hope you’ll never need, but is there nonetheless.

These door pulls attach directly to the OE door operation cable, providing a 1:1 pull ratio for a solid pull and preventing accidental discharges. Finished with carbon fiber and titanium for added durability and style, and in line with Rule #1 - always look cool. The faceplate is expertly CNC machined for a perfect fit.