Best Trunk Button

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Presenting our Mk5 Supra Specific Waterproof Trunk Access Button, the ultimate answer to an inconvenient design oversight – the absence of external trunk access. This ingenious upgrade is a must for any Mk5 Supra owner seeking improved practicality and convenience.

Safely hidden and completely waterproof, this button offers the same functionality as your internal door trunk button, allowing for secure and effortless external access to your Supra’s trunk. And with safety at the forefront, rest assured that when your Supra is locked, so is the external button.

Our comprehensive kit comes with everything you need for a seamless installation – wiring, a button, and drifter-approved zip ties. All tailored for the perfect fit with your Mk5 A90/A91 Supra.

We might even dare to say it’s the Best. Button. Ever. It’s more than just a button; it’s an enhancement to your Supra experience.