Antigravity Ultra Lightweight Lithium Battery

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The BEST Battery EVER?!

That’s a bold statement… but we feel it holds true if you are looking for the best Starter Battery for your Motorcycle or Powersport vehicle. (By the way we also make Car/Truck/RV Batteries and more.)

Antigravity Lithium Batteries offer features that our competitors simply don’t have or offer.

Antigravity RE-START Batteries with Jump-Starting Built-in


Antigravity Batteries is the only company offering Built-In Jump Starting in the Battery! Imagine that, you will never be stranded by a Dead Battery again! This is a game-changing feature in the Battery segment, and Antigravity invented it. Simply press a button on the Antigravity Battery (or use our remote) and ride away. No being stranded, no coming back to a dead bike that you have to jump start or push start.

Antigravity Offers OEM or Ultra Compact Size Options


Antigravity Batteries come in two different Model Lines. We offer Direct OEM Drop-in Fit “RE-START” line of Batteries for an easy direct replacement, but we also offer our “SMALL CASE” line of Performance/Racing Batteries that are the most compact and powerful batteries on the Market and used in more championship-winning machines than any other battery on the market. They are trusted by teams like Monster Energy Kawasaki, and Star Racing Yamaha, and many more in all segments of Racing.

Antigravity Lithium Batteries Offer More Power & Capacity


Antigravity Batteries provide a larger lithium battery pack inside than our competitors. We offer 25% to 100% larger lithium battery packs inside our batteries than the top competitors. For example the typical Lithium Battery in a Dirt Bike offers roughly 2.2 Amp Hours, yet Antigravity offers 3.3 Amp hours in our RE-START model (40% larger battery) and up to 5 Amp Hours (100% large battery) in similar sized batteries! This means MUCH more power for better regular- and cold-weather starting, more energy for longer storage times as well as a larger spark for better performance all around.

So those are some of the reasons we believe we are the best in the business. At Antigravity Batteries we take the time to make our Lithium batteries with functional, useful and desired features as well as offering the most real Amp Hours and Power available. So when looking for the best, you have found it in Antigravity Batteries.

Other Benefits of Antigravity LITHIUM Batteries


Lithium-Ion batteries are up to 70% lighter than equivalent lead/acid versions. This helps make your vehicle lighter and more efficient. Enjoy better starting and handling, shorter braking distances, better acceleration, better gas mileage, and many other performance benefits. On average in an Automotive application the weight savings are from 25 to 40 lbs just swapping the battery out! This is the most cost-effective weight-loss product for your vehicle by far!

Antigravity Small Case Lithium Batteries for Motorcycles and Powersport Vehicles only weigh from 13 oz to 3 lbs yet they offer the most power & performance in the most compact size of any lightweight LiFePO4 motorsports battery on the market! Our new Car Batteries are just 9 to 15 lbs meaning you can save up to 40 pounds just swapping out your lead/acid battery for our Lithium Battery. Take note Racing/Performance Drivers and Riders!


Antigravity Lithium Batteries have up to 3 Times the Cranking Amps of similar sized lead/acid batteries. Our battery will turn over your Hi-Performance motor with ease! Offering stronger ignition spark and higher voltage at start-up for a quicker turn-over of the motor! They work much better for Hi-Performance/Racing Motors by providing a much higher cranking pulse than lead/acid.


Antigravity Lithium Batteries offer over Twice the Lifecycle of Lead/Acid, and even other lithium batteries due to our full Battery Management System (BMS)*. Our built-in BMS Circuitry keeps the battery in the optimal operating range for the longest life. Additionally the BMS protects the battery from Overcharge, Overdischarge, and has Thermal and Short-Circuit protections for the safest operation possible. (*RE-START models have Full BMS; SMALL CASE Models do not have these protections.)


Lithium batteries are much more resistant to vibration than lead/acid. Their incredible shock- and vibration-resistance makes them perfect for Racing and other applications requiring a durable battery. They are also less prone to heat damage than lead/acid.


Our Powersport batteries can be mounted in any orientation in the vehicle without fear (not recommended for larger sizes or Car battery models). With Lithium there is no acid to spill out or anything that can damage your paint or battery tray. Take note all you classic car builders.


One of the best reasons to switch to Lithium-Ion batteries is that they are much cleaner and safer for the environment than lead/acid. No Acid or Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury. Won’t release dangerous Hydrogen while charging. Won’t leak liquids that are damaging to your finish or chassis such as acid.


Lithium batteries cost more upfront than lead/acid batteries, but they offer a lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the battery. For example they offer over twice the lifespan of lead/acid, and several benefits such as the light weight, and most importantly the RE-START built-in Jump-Starting. It will save you from being stranded and will pay for itself with just a few uses, saving your time and energy and avoiding a dead-battery emergency.

Added Benefits of Antigravity RE-START


Left your lights or stereo on and drained the battery dead? No worries – the new Antigravity RE-START Battery is the World’s First with Built-in Jump-Starting! The battery will intelligently monitor its status and if it senses over-discharge will put itself into a sleep mode, saving enough energy to allow you to restart your vehicle. Simply press the button on top of the battery, or use the included Wireless Keyfob*, start your vehicle and drive away. No Jump-Starter or assistance needed! (*Our Car Batteries have WIRELESS Jump-Starting built-in. No need to even access or touch the battery.) Learn more about our RE-START Technology.


Our new RE-START Batteries for Powersports and Automobiles are equipped with a sophisticated Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS offers protections against over-discharge, over-charge, and short-circuiting as well as thermal protections and cell balancing. The BMS acts as a gate-keeper so that the battery cannot be subjected to operation outside its optimal range. This makes for the Safest, Longest-Lasting Battery possible and allows you to get the most life-cycle from the battery. 


Antigravity RE-START Batteries do not self-discharge like lead/acid batteries. They offer a longer storage time and can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no “Parasitic Drains” (accessories that draw power when vehicle is off, i.e. alarms, ECUs, GPS, heated grips, and other accessories the vehicle might have).