A90/A91 Mk5 Supra Front Diffusers

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Introducing our groundbreaking Front Tire Diffuser, meticulously engineered for the Mk5 Supra and inspired by true functional performance and seen commonplace on top-tier supercars like the McLaren 720S.

Made from elite 6061 aluminum, this component boasts OE+ fitment and quality, ensuring a seamless match with any Mk5 front bumper.

Experience a significant increase in front downforce over the stock parts, thanks to our cutting-edge, AI optimized, 3D-printed airflow geometry—giving you unparalleled stability and control at high speeds.

Now you can enjoy the aerodynamic advantages seen in elite supercars without the need for a full front splitter which can degrade everyday use by taking away ground clearance.

Elevate your Mk5 Supra to supercar levels of performance and style today.

included in each kit:

2x 3d printed diffusers

2x aluminum panels

1x install hardware kit