SS1-RR 2-piece Forged Wheels

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Introducing our innovative, high-performance 2-piece racing wheels, exclusively designed for auto enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in customization and performance. Our wheels combine a meticulously crafted forged aluminum face with your choice of a forged aluminum or carbon fiber barrel, providing you with the flexibility to match your driving needs and aesthetic preferences.

Each wheel face begins as a 12,000-ton press forged 6061 aluminum blank, known for its exceptional strength and durability. The raw blank is then transformed into a precision-engineered masterpiece through CNC cutting from a single billet block.

The 6061 aluminum grade is renowned for its superior strength-to-weight ratio, often used in high-stress applications such as aerospace and top-end bicycles. If you opt for the carbon fiber barrel, you’re choosing a material celebrated for its ultra-light weight, rigidity, and high resistance to wear, commonly found in high-performance aircraft, race cars and exotic supercars.

Beyond their exceptional materials and construction, our wheels exceed international standards, including JWL, TUV, and US DOT. They’re designed with a distinctive knurled bead seat, ensuring the tire remains secure under extreme loads, enhancing grip, and responsiveness.

What sets our 2-piece wheels apart is the unparalleled customization. You can tailor to any bolt pattern, diameter, width, or offset, enabling a perfect fit and unique look for your vehicle. Plus, choose from a range of colors and finishes at no additional cost.

Upgrade your vehicle’s performance and style with our customizable 2-piece racing wheels. Define your drive today.