BMW G series Magnetic Shift Paddles

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Unleash the power of your car with our durable Magnetic Shift Paddles, designed for the adrenaline-filled environment of the racetrack. Masterfully constructed with full metal and carbon fiber, they can withstand the rigors of high-performance driving, offering a perfect blend of strength and weightlessness.

Our shift paddles not only elevate the aesthetics of your steering wheel but also enhance the tactile experience of shifting. Easily mountable to the stock position, they significantly improve your sensory connection with the vehicle, making every gear shift feel more satisfying.

Driving should be a joy, and our Magnetic Shift Paddles are engineered to amplify that feeling. They add a layer of excitement and control to your driving experience, taking it one step closer to perfection.

Includes large and small paddles in the kit. 

These shift paddles have been rigorously tested and are compatible with a wide range of models, including:

  • Mk5 A90/A91 Supra
  • G87/G80/G82/G83/G20/G21/G28/G22/G23/G26/G30/G31/G38/G14/G15/G16

  • F91 M8/F92 M8/F90 M5/F97 X3M/F98 X4M/F95 X5M/F96 X6M

  • F40/G42/F44/G11/G12/G08/G01/G02/G05/G06/G07