Driveway Labs Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Side Splitters for 2020+ a90/a91 Toyota Supra

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Driveway Labs Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Side Splitters for 2020+ Toyota Supra

Elevate your Supra’s aerodynamic performance and aesthetics with Driveway Labs’ Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Side Splitters, intricately crafted for all 2020+ Toyota Supras.

Exceptional Quality with Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber:
Our side splitters are more than just visual enhancements; they’re sculpted using the superior Pre-Preg (pre-impregnated) carbon fiber process. This technique ensures a uniform saturation of resin across every carbon fiber strand, delivering unmatched strength and a flawless finish.

Why 160°C Autoclave Curing for 72 Hours Matters:
Precision is our watchword. Every Driveway Labs side splitter undergoes a rigorous autoclave curing process at 160°C for 72 hours. This ensures optimal resin flow, minimizing voids and resulting in splitters that offer unparalleled rigidity and resilience.

Aerodynamic Mastery with Extended Side Splitters:
Side splitters play a pivotal role in racecar aerodynamics, and our design takes this into account. By extending the side profile, our splitters efficiently manage the airflow along the car’s side, reducing turbulence and minimizing lift. This results in improved high-speed stability and cornering performance, making your Supra not just look racetrack-ready, but perform like it too.

Unmatched Fitment & Finish:
Our side splitters are designed for perfection. Expect an OEM-like fitment that seamlessly integrates with the Supra’s design, enhancing its side profile while ensuring it feels like an original extension of the vehicle.


• Premium Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber: For a stunning look and lasting durability.
• Precision Autoclave Curing: Guaranteeing top-notch rigidity and product longevity.
• Optimized Aerodynamics: Extended splitters for enhanced stability and performance.
• Flawless Fit for 2020+ Toyota Supras: Complementing every line and curve.
• Driveway Labs Excellence: A blend of artistry, engineering, and innovation.

Transform the side profile of your 2020+ Toyota Supra with side splitters that are the epitome of aerodynamic precision and visual elegance. Trust in Driveway Labs – where passion meets perfection.