Grade 5 Titanium Lug Nuts (open ended, no locks)

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Grade 5 Titanium Lug Nuts

Introducing our premium Grade 5 Titanium Lug Nuts - the ultimate blend of strength, weight savings, and style. Perfectly suited for the iconic MK5 Toyota Supra and an array of passenger or race vehicles, ensuring a snug fit no matter the size or length, including popular ones like 14x1.25 and 12x1.25. 

Key Features:

• Lightweight Advantage: Titanium, by nature, boasts an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. When compared to standard steel lug nuts, titanium lug nuts typically weigh around 45% less. This drastic reduction in unsprung rotating mass translates to improved handling, acceleration, and braking in high-performance applications like sports or race cars.
• Unsprung Mass Benefits: The importance of reducing unsprung rotating mass can’t be overstated. Lesser unsprung weight means more direct energy transfer, resulting in better response from your suspension system, giving drivers a distinct advantage on the tracks or during spirited road drives.
• Open-Ended Design: Our lug nuts are deliberately open-ended, allowing compatibility with extended bolts. No more worrying about fitment issues when you’re upgrading or customizing your ride.
• Custom Finishes: Personalize your setup with our hand-burnt or natural titanium color options. Whether you prefer the vibrant hues of burnt titanium or the understated elegance of its natural shade, we have you covered.
• Flexible Sets: Depending on your vehicle’s requirements, you can choose from sets of 24, 20, or 16. Always have the right count for your unique needs.

Upgrade to our Grade 5 Titanium Lug Nuts and feel the difference yourself. From increased agility to unmatched durability and style, take your driving experience to the next level. Order now and give your ride the best in titanium tech. Perfect for the Toyota Supra enthusiast, passionate racer, or any car aficionado prioritizing performance and aesthetics.

Note: Ensure you know the correct size and count for your specific vehicle to ensure optimal fit and performance.