Rally Ducts

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Boost your Subaru WRX/STI’s performance with our tailored Rally Ducts, engineered specifically for efficient heat extraction from the engine bay. Witness a significant drop in Intake Air Temperatures by up to nine degrees, as tested on our customer-owned prototype vehicle. Our Rally Ducts are meticulously crafted from 5052 aluminum, laser cut following the grain to resist stress and vibration-induced cracks. Finished with a high UV resistant satin black powder coat, they offer durability and style.”

Short Explanation:
Rally Ducts employ the principles of aerodynamics to maximize engine performance. The engine bay, being a hub of mechanical activity, generates a significant amount of heat. If not managed, this heat can negatively impact engine efficiency and overall vehicle performance. Hood vents, like our Rally Ducts, allow for better heat dissipation.

The vents encourage a flow of cooler air across the engine bay, reducing the ambient temperature and thus, the Intake Air Temperature. This process results in improved engine efficiency and performance by ensuring optimal operating temperatures.