Driveway Labs Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Valance/Diffuser for 2020+ a90/a91 Toyota Supra

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Driveway Labs Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Valance/Diffuser for 2020+ a90/a91 Toyota Supra

Step up your Supra’s aerodynamic prowess and style with Driveway Labs’ Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Valance/Diffuser, meticulously crafted for all 2020+ Toyota Supras.

Exceptional Quality with Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber:
Our rear bumper valance/diffuser is not just a visual marvel; it’s constructed using the esteemed Pre-Preg (pre-impregnated) carbon fiber process. This method ensures uniform resin saturation across every strand of carbon fiber, resulting in peerless strength and a pristine finish.

Why 160°C Autoclave Curing for 72 Hours Matters:
Dedication to excellence defines us. Each Driveway Labs rear valance/diffuser undergoes a stringent autoclave curing process at 160°C for 72 hours. This meticulous approach guarantees the finest resin distribution, reducing voids and yielding a product that stands out for its rigidity and durability.

Aerodynamic Mastery with the Rear Diffuser:
A rear diffuser’s aerodynamic value is paramount. By channeling the airflow beneath the car, our diffuser reduces aerodynamic drag and the turbulent air that causes lift. This equates to heightened stability at high speeds and improved traction, making every drive in your Supra a more exhilarating experience.

Precision Fitment & Finish:
Our rear bumper valance/diffuser promises precision. Expect an OEM-like fitment that harmoniously merges with the Supra’s rear design, enhancing its aerodynamic silhouette and ensuring it feels and looks like an innate extension of the vehicle.


• Superior Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber: Combining beauty with resilience.
• Optimized Autoclave Curing: For unmatched rigidity and product endurance.
• Enhanced Aerodynamics: Rear diffuser design for superior performance gains.
• Tailored Fit for 2020+ Toyota Supras: Accentuating every rear curve and line.
• Driveway Labs Commitment: The pinnacle of craftsmanship, design, and aerodynamic expertise.

Redefine the rear profile of your 2020+ Toyota Supra with a rear valance/diffuser that signifies aerodynamic precision and sophisticated style. Choose Driveway Labs – where dedication to excellence drives every creation.