BMW Titanium Dial Cover

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Introducing our premium Elite Titanium Cosmetic Dial Cover, meticulously designed for the menu dial in your BMW. Elevate the interior aesthetics of your Supra with a touch of elegance and modernity. Each cover is precision laser-cut and hand-burned to create a unique masterpiece that exemplifies a blend of craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Constructed with two robust layers of 1mm titanium, this dial cover not only boasts a sleek appearance but promises a long-lasting resilience against daily wear and tear. The subtle textures and hues achieved by the hand-burning process ensure that each piece is distinct and adds a bespoke touch to your vehicle’s interior.

Attachment is a breeze, thanks to the super high-strength 3M film backing. This ensures a secure bond with the dial, allowing for a straightforward installation while ensuring the cover remains steadfast through the bumps and turns on the road. Experience a fusion of sophistication and durability with our Elite Titanium Cosmetic Dial Cover, and let the interior of your BMW reflect the high standards you uphold.